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PX4 support for the e-flite convergence airframe is coming for the next release (Github pull request, build log).UAVenture contributed the basic airframe config - for all the features of their custom enterprise solution product check out their website. If you have a problem, it's a great place to search for solutions and ask questions.

Though Epic keeps an eye on questions being asked, Answer Hub only works with your participation!Is blocked in your school, in your country or in your computer ?Make sure to enable the option "No proxy" or however untick the option that uses a proxy.How to reset proxy settings of web browsers → If this web proxy does not work, you may try to use other web proxy servers, for example websiteproxy2or or to see if you can access via those new web proxies.Over 20,000 merchants rely on various 4PX services to succeed in the e-commerce world.

Today, 4PX is the market leader in China by revenues, orders processed, and overall scale in operations.

After a long wait, finally Java SE Development Kit 8 is available to download.

To Install Java 8 in Ubuntu and Linux Mint read This Article.

This web proxy server may allow you to access in case it is blocked in your PC.

Visit blocked websites without the need to install third-party software or edit the browser settings.

To do this, open the "Network and Sharing Center", right-click with the mouse on the active Internet connection and select "Properties", then select "Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)", click on "Properties", enable the option "Use the following DNS server addresses", now type in "Preferred DNS server" editbox, and in "Alternate DNS server" editbox, finally click on "OK" button. How to change DNS servers on Windows → If you are still not able to access hotchatdirect.com, then you may need to buy a reliable and fast VPN service.