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However, along with these capabilities, plug-ins can come with some disadvantages.

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Also, plug-ins are not designed for touch, and because they are separate applications from the browser itself, they don't benefit from any changes coming with Internet Explorer 10 and later that make websites work smoothly with touch.Finally, plug-ins are based on proprietary technologies and are written with variable code quality, making it difficult to predict or control their support across different browsers and operating systems.Since Internet Explorer 9, Internet Explorer offers a host of standards-based, hardware-accelerated graphic technology alternatives, including HTML5 canvas, SVG, and CSS3 2D transforms .Internet Explorer 10 adds support for SVG filter effects, CSS3 transitions and animations, and CSS3 3D transforms, and IE11 adds support for Web GL.Essentially, standards-based, plug-in free websites benefit: For these reasons, IE on Windows 8 provides a plug-in free experience, and an ever-growing number of top sites around the world do too.

There is already a considerable number of consumer devices and browsers on them that don't support plug-ins.

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Browser plug-ins are compiled third-party software components that extend the functionality of web content by calling into low-level browser interfaces.

In Internet Explorer, plug-ins take the form of Active X objects and Browser Helper Objects (BHOs).

Fortunately, the web has come a long way since its early days, and standards-based technologies specified the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) like the ones comprising HTML5 offer similar capabilities to various plug-ins.