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Color Safe® offers quality to America’s largest Vial suppliers, but at incredible savings.Color Safe® Vials and Ovals are offered in five vibrant colors: Amber, Blue, Green, Violet & Red.The Easy Touch® safety line includes a wide variety of fixed and exchangeable needle safety syringes and lancets.

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MHC Medical Products designs high-quality consumer diabetic & medical products for a better user experience.Our products are distributed through America’s leading medical wholesalers, and are sold in neighborhood pharmacies throughout the United States.As a result of advertiser and publisher feedback, 2015 has seen the launch of the AF dashboard, allowing you to view all top line information on one screen.AF is excited to announce that Cathay Pacific have just exclusively launched on our platform.In an annual study by Forbes " The 10 Most Stressful Jobs In 2016" the military comes as the most stressful job, that is a person whom will not lose a pay cheq if he misses up, no, he will lose his life or lives of others.

And so on, the Choosing a home inspection company based upon the fee is the worst way to choose who will help you finalize your decision on buying a home.

With over 75 SKUs and growing, Easy Touch® is quickly becoming the next top brand in diabetic products.

Easy Touch® Safety Products are designed and manufactured to the highest quality levels possible.

Home inspection is no longer some "Bubba" working solo out of his truck.

It is a serious business What if, this New Year, we made a resolution to show our caring, our respect for our shared humanity?

At AF we pride ourselves on the personalised services we provide and our sector specific account managers are highly trained to guide you all the way.