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Here I am lying in bed writing this and another night by myself. He's asleep in a single bed with our 9 year old daughter. It is my fault I strayed after 19 years of sexual neglect... without even realizing it, I went down the same path as my father. (my husband goes more than me).showed up at our house looking for my husband... He is a liar, addicted to **** who doesn't want to have sex with me.

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The Fire Chat app, pictured left, was developed by Open Garden.

In the app there are 'chatrooms' including Everyone and Nearby.

And if you ask her about her marriage, she feels its ok and everything is fine. Then I wonder why I constantly crave communication from someone else. And she's gonna treat him like **** because he's gonna kiss her *** for giving him what he's built-up in his mind as the end-all, be-all of human existance. ....we dont know something, isnt it better so we crave it less. OH was asleep at the time, so I tried waking him up with kisses down his back. It's been 19 years, but it's been bad for so long, I don't even know what a healthy relationship is anymore.

Everyone loves her and she truly is a great person and a terrific mother. I took my girls kayaking then I cooked dinner and am now sitting by myself. Now that my baby is 17, we finally have time for us. So when he proposed, I said yes, even though I knew I wasn't ready. As I sit here having a one sided conversation with my husband, I'm getting very little response in return. If he doesn't want sex ANYMORE he should talk to me about it and be honest! This morning I made two attempts at a quickie while the kids were adequately occupied. I feel selfish for wanting to cuddle wanting to be kissed I just want to feel loved again I'm so lonely like most of the time I'm alone know nothing about....u are asleep and I have a battle zone going on within my heart.

I just wanted everyone to know that the chatroom is not private.

There are ways to read what has been posted there even if you are the only ones in there talking, there are commands to let people see what you have said before they come in.

If your computer savvy I'm sure you can get around it but for the most part its better than nothing.

If you are already using multiple user names please stop now and even I wont know who is who but the next time you log on with a different name I will get a...

We hade fun togheter and we did everything together. Her sister didn't invited us to her wedding, and her family took the sister side. honest with myself and allow you to blame me for the failure of our marriage.... my father had a very hard marriage to my mother as well. Yesterday a female attractive bartender that works at a bar by our house that we go to. I am a very attractive woman not considered attractive enough to have sex with by my husband. I would have stayed single 4 life and only had friends.