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These clients communicate with chat servers to transfer messages to other clients.IRC was created by Jarkko Oikarinen in August 1988 to replace a program called MUT (Multi User Talk) on a BBS called Oulu Box at the University of Oulu in Finland, where he was working at the Department of Information Processing Science.IRC then grew larger and got used on the entire Finnish national network - Funet - and then connected to Nordunet, the Scandinavian branch of the Internet.

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It was all open, required no passwords and had no limit on the number of connects.

As Greg "wumpus" Lindahl explains: "it had a wildcard server line, so people were hooking up servers and nick-colliding everyone".

The first IRC network was running on a single server named fi.

Jyrki Kuoppala pushed Jarkko to ask Oulu University to free the IRC code so that it also could be run outside of Oulu, and after they finally got it released, Jyrki Kuoppala immediately installed another server. Jarkko got some friends at the Helsinki University and Tampere University to start running IRC servers when his number of users increased and other universities soon followed.

Los gestores del chat de bisexuales lo denominan el canal de los dos sabores ­čÖé Resulta un nombre gracioso para una sala de chat, pero realmente dice toda la verdad sobre la tem├ítica de este chat. No des datos privados personales a las primeras de cambio y si quedas con una persona del chat, haz saber a alguien conocido cual es tu plan y donde puede localizarte.

Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is an application layer protocol that facilitates communication in the form of text.

Además, te recordamos que el chat de bisexuales es una sala de chat para adultos moderada, en la que una serie de personas velan por el cumplimiento de las normas del mismo.

Los moderadores del chat de bisexuales son las personas que tienen la @ delante de su nick.

Once ANet disbanded, the name EFnet became meaningless, and once again it was the one and only IRC network.

Another fork effort, the first that really made a big and lasting difference, was initiated by 'Wildthang' in the U. October 1992 (it forked off the EFnet ircd version 2.8.10).

The chat process works on a client/server networking model.