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The app was removed from the i OS and Android stores.

Byttow intended to use the next two weeks to wind the company down, return money to investors, and delete all user data accumulated by the company.

After the changes, users can only use photos taken at the time of a posting, rather than images previously stored on the device.

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Carr responded again, noting the irony of the tweet given Secret's main use case.Upon the shutdown of the app, Mike Isaac wrote in the New York Times that Secret's rapid rise, subsequent fall and eventual shutdown illustrated the "flash-in-the-pan" nature of many Silicon Valley companies. Bill Wilson Videos The Audio Big Book The Audio 12x12 12 Step Workbook Sponsor Magazine Podcast - Sponsor Magazine Download's & MP3's The Links Directory Sobriety Calculator Timeline Of AA History AA Timelines Literature/AA Groups People in AA History Religion, Clergy & A. Emmanuel Movement Big Book Reviews How to Contact A. Members and Writings of Research & Study Influential Books Used & Out of Print PDF Archive [1000 ] Grapevine Articles The Global Map Listing B. Story Authors First Edition Big Book The Washingtonians Our International Journal of Alcoholics Anonymous - Our Meeting in Print. Preamble The Twelve Steps -AA Twelve Traditions -AA The Twelve Concepts for World Service Traditions Checklist The AA Principles and Virtues Principles of the Program Ninth Step Promises Box 4-5-9 Cleveland Central Bulletin Stepping Stones Outline of the Step Study Team Unofficial Guide to Twelve Steps The Home Group The Circle and Triangle? Of the decision to shut down the company and return the money to investors rather than attempt to pivot, he wrote: "Innovation requires failure, and I believe in failing fast in order to go on and make only new and different mistakes." He also promised to eventually publish postmortems "so that others can learn from the unique mistakes and challenges we faced and the wisdom gained from such an incredible 16 months." Technology commentators likened Secret to the shuttered app Post Secret and the app Whisper, all part of a growing trend towards anonymous and quasi-anonymous sharing, a pushback against Facebook's successful push to encourage real name use throughout the Internet.

On July 31, 2014, Sarah Lacy published a lengthy critique of Secret in Pando Daily, noting that one of the app's main use cases was to spread malicious lies about people and organizations, and that she was puzzled that investors she considered ethical were considering investing in the company.

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