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In their 2007 update of the review of studies on the AUDIT, Reinert and Allen [] concluded that AUDIT is not valid among older age groups due to low sensitivity.They suggested a lower cut-off score indicating hazardous drinking and alcohol problems in higher ages.Motivations included loneliness, "fun" and boredom, while 9% admitted being "dared" to do it.

The aim was to evaluate the internal consistency reliability and construct validity of the Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT) in elderly Swedish adults, and to compare the results with the general Swedish population.

Another aim was to calculate the level of alcohol consumption (AUDIT-C) to be used for comparison in future studies.

In these four population studies 1997–2009 we estimated the data quality in terms of reliability (Cronbach alpha) and covariance structure (explorative principal axis factoring).

However, there is no study of the psychometric performance of AUDIT on the ages among adults over 71 year in Sweden.

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